Protect Your Children During A Divorce With A Custody Attorney Reading PA

by | Jul 1, 2014 | Legal Services

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When a couple makes the decision to go their separate ways, it is never an easy choice. What makes it even harder is when they have children to consider also. Those children and their needs should always come first no matter how the two parties feel about each other. The young ones are depending on both financial and emotional support from both parents no matter if they are together or not. If you and your spouse are considering divorcing and there are minor children involved you will want to get some legal advice to know the best way to handle the situation. To do this you may want to consult with a Custody Attorney Reading PA.


This type of lawyer will be able to give you the information you will need on how to proceed with any custody agreement or battles that may arise. The most important thing is that the children must come first and needs stability in their lives no matter who they live with in the end. They need to know that they are loved and will be supported through their childhood by both parents. It is never good to drag children through a nasty divorce proceeding and also arguing over who they will live with.

If it has been decided amongst yourself and papers have been drawn up in the legal system, that the children will stay with the mother during the work week and the father on weekends. This paperwork will be drawn up by the lawyer, signed and submitted to the courts without having to go through negotiations and court hearings. If the two parents cannot agree amicably on where the children should reside it is best to allow the Custody Attorney Reading PA to file paperwork and a family court judge will decide. In most states the courts if at all possible favor joint custody unless one parent is unfit to care for them.

The hearing that has been scheduled by the Custody Attorney Reading PA and the judge assigned to the case will focus not on the divorce but only on the Custody of the children. This judge is an impartial party that will decide which primary residence will be best suited for the minor children. The courts will ensure that the rights of the child will be followed completely to protect them at all points. For more information click here.

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