Your Options for Fighting a Denied Social Security Disability Claim in Tulsa, Oklahoma

by | Oct 25, 2017 | Lawyers

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Social Security disability is a type of financial assistance that many people who have been injured or stricken by illness may require either permanently or for a short period of time. Unfortunately, a Social Security disability claim in Tulsa doesn’t always move through the Social Security Administration as smoothly as some people would like. Even when an individual has an obvious disability and seemingly qualifies for this sort of financial assistance, it’s not uncommon for their claims to get rejected.

Two Options

In these situations, a person has two options. They can accept the denial of a Social Security disability claim or, if they feel that they are entitled to these benefits, they’ll want to fight the denial of disability benefits. In order to do this, it’s helpful for that individual to have the services of a Social Security disability attorney.

The Services of Social Security Disability Attorneys

There are many law firms, such as, that actively handle cases where individuals have been unjustifiably denied rightful Social Security disability benefits. The good thing is that these attorneys understand the Social Security disability process. With this understanding, they know how to appeal to the Social Security Administration in order to have a claim for benefits reviewed and, in many cases, they know how to be successful in having a denial of benefits overturned.

The Cost for These Legal Services

Another benefit to attorneys that handle a denied Social Security disability claim in Tulsa is that the legal services they provide are extremely affordable. In most instances, these attorneys work on a contingency basis, which means that if they aren’t successful overturning a denied disability claim, they aren’t paid. In addition, the amount of compensation they can receive is capped off at 25% of any retroactive benefits to a maximum of $6000.

It’s not surprising that people looking for Social Security disability benefits may not have a great deal of money to spend, which is why a Social Security disability attorney charges such minimal fees. That’s why, if your claim has been denied, there’s no reason, even for matters of finances, for you to be without legal representation when fighting a denial of Social Security disability benefits.

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