Why You Should Hire A Deportation Attorney To Help You

The deportation process could prevent immigrants from fulfilling their dream of becoming a legal citizen. This process is engaged under certain circumstances, and the most common reason is an expired visa. A deportation attorney helps visiting immigrants stay in the country longer and achieve their goals.

Examining Visa Requirements

Work and college visas are provided to immigrants for these purposes. They must complete a form with their local embassy to acquire the visa to work in the U.S. and to attend college. Once they are approved, they have a limited amount of time to get a job or enroll into the college of their choice.

The guidelines that apply to these visas indicate that the immigrant must update information to their caseworker any time a change occurs. They must also submit a renewal form before the expiration date on their visa. If they fail to comply with these guidelines they face deportation.

Fighting Against Deportation

An attorney evaluates the immigrants’ documentation to determine their options. If deportation started due to an expiration, it is possible for the attorney to remedy this condition by securing a new visa, thus allowing the immigrant to continue to work or attend college in the country.

However, if the immigrant faces any criminal charges, their circumstances are more difficult. The attorney must present a case that exonerates them of the crime identified. This could require them to work closely with a criminal defense attorney.

Leading the Way to Citizenship

To achieve citizenship, the immigrant must live in the country for at least five years. They must complete the steps of citizenship such as completing applicable education courses, which could include language and history courses. They must also become familiar with American laws and criminal penalties.

Immigrants may enter the country on a visa to become citizens. These visas allow them to enroll into colleges or work for local companies, and its terms require them to remain in contact with their caseworker to avoid potential deportation. Immigrants who are facing deportation should hire a deportation attorney to help them through this process today. For more information visit karpouzianlaw.com. You can like them on Facebook.


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