Who is Eligible to Collect Damages in a Tucson Wrongful Death Case?

by | Jun 27, 2022 | Legal Services

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A family member’s passing is traumatic no matter how it happens, and no amount of money can compensate for the loss. However, when a person’s death occurs because of someone else’s negligent conduct, their survivors can recover for their financial losses via a wrongful death lawsuit.

When Can Wrongful Death Claims be Filed?

Wrongful death lawsuits can be filed when people die from:
• Medical negligence or malpractice
• Drunk driving accidents
• Distracted driving accidents
• Acts of violence
• Defective product usage

When a person dies because of another person’s negligence, a wrongful death lawyer in Tucson, AZ can help surviving family members get the compensation they deserve.

Eligibility to File a Claim

In Tucson, wrongful death claims can be filed by surviving spouses, or, in cases involving the death of children, surviving parents. Named beneficiaries may include a deceased person’s parents or children.

What Sort of Damages Will a Family Recover?

In most wrongful death claims, families can recover damages including:
• Burial and funeral costs
• Income loss
• Loss of companionship and consortium
• Loss of guidance and care
• Lost inheritance
• Medical costs

The belief that someone else was responsible for a person’s death doesn’t guarantee the success of a wrongful death claim. The responsible party’s legal counsel will likely use one of several defenses. For example, they may allege contributory negligence on the deceased person’s part. A wrongful death lawyer in Tucson, AZ will work to help families gain compensation for their losses.

Get Legal Help

Contact a wrongful death lawyer in Tucson, AZ for a no-obligation case evaluation and to discuss your right to compensation. Though money can’t make up for a family member’s untimely loss, the firm’s attorneys will work to ensure that you get the funding needed to cover current and future losses.

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