What to expect from personal injury attorneys

Most personal injury attorneys in Iowa City IA work for law firms that handle cases that involve some sort of injury to people be it physical, mental or emotional. May personal injury cases do not include the recovery of any personal property, financial loss is the basis for the bulk of personal injury lawsuits. Some of the cases that a personal injury attorney can be called upon to handle on behalf of a client can be medical malpractice, automobile accidents, product liability, etc. In most cases personal injury attorneys in Iowa City IA represent a single client but they can also be called upon to take a class action law suit. The attorneys normally take on cases based on contingency payment which means that they only get paid if their client is awarded damages.

Clients, who suffer pain, lose wages, require extensive medical care, etc often seek the help of personal injury attorneys in Iowa City IA. In many practices there will be an attorney who tends to focus more on some types of cases more than others. It is not unusual for a personal injury attorney to focus on medical malpractice cases, cases in which there is apparent negligence on the part of a medical practitioner or medical facility. For example; if a patient enters into a hospital and the intention is to undergo a hip replacement, if the operation is done incorrectly and the patient must undergo further surgery to correct the error, the patient has a perfect case for a medical malpractice suit. In this example the patient can sue for damages which include all the costs associated with the original and second surgery, lost wages as well as pain and suffering.

Personal injury can also result in economic loss. Many cases of this nature consist of people who accuse a company or companies of engaging in fraudulent and bad faith business practices. There are many cases where the plaintiff has had to engage personal injury attorneys in Iowa City IA to sue companies that refuse to honor claims against their disability insurance policy or stop payments. Other cases that fall under the banner of fraud and bad faith practices include denial of government benefits which have been promised to both military personnel and civilians. Often in cases where fraud can be proved the jury will award punitive damages as well as awards of compensation.


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