Ways an Elder Law Lawyer in Henderson, NV Could Help an Adult Child

by | Dec 6, 2017 | Attorney

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Parents take care of their children until they reach adulthood. Later, children may have to take care for their parents. Elderly people have special needs and adult children may have to advocate for them to ensure they receive proper care. They may face challenges related to housing, health care or finances. When children are unable to get what their parents need, an elder law lawyer in Henderson, NV may be able to help.

Powers of Attorney

In some cases, powers of attorney will help an adult child access their parents’ information so they can get them the financial or medical help they need. A power of attorney allows someone to speak and act on behalf of someone else. Some financial institutions and medical facilities have their own forms that must be filled out in order for them to speak to a representative. Navigating this maze might be challenging for a person who has their own life and children. An attorney could help them get access to the information they need so they can ensure their parents get adequate care.


There may come a time when powers of attorney are not enough. In these cases, an adult child might need guardianship of their parent. Guardianship is authorized through probate court and allows the guardian to act on the other person’s behalf in all matters. The court might appoint a separate guardian to handle financial matters. It’s important to work with an experienced elder law lawyer in Henderson, NV to obtain guardianship. Adult children might need to prove to a judge that their parent needs a guardian and that they are the best person for the job.

Handling a parent’s business while trying to maintain a home and raise children can be challenging. When it becomes overwhelming, they can visit website and schedule a consultation with an experienced attorney. By hiring an attorney, adult children may get the strong advocate they need to help them navigate the system so they can ensure their parent has the housing and health care they need. Elderly people often need help doing these things on their own and attorneys are there to help their children when they need it.

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