Using a Drug Attorney in Rockwall, TX and Common Legal Defenses for Drug Charges

There are a number of methods that may be used by a Drug Attorney in Rockwall TX, to defend a client facing a charge of drug possession. Some of the most common include police abuse of power, lack of possession, and unwitting possession. In most cases, an attorney will review the person’s case and determine which mode of defense is right for their client.

Unwitting Possession

This defense is used when the person had possession of the drugs, but cannot be found guilty legally because they were not aware they had the drugs. This can occur if a person gives a package to a messenger service that has drugs inside, and the service is not aware of what is inside. In these cases, the Drug Attorney in Rockwall TX, will use the unwitting possession defense because the messenger was unaware of what was in the package.

Lack of Possession

This occurs when there are several people who may actually be the culprit that had possession of the drugs. This defense occurs all the time and is often seen when drugs are found in a vehicle with multiple passengers or if a renter is in a home where drugs are found.

Police Abuse of Power

Another common defense for drug possession charges by a Drug Attorney in Rockwall TX is if the police had abused their power in some way when they discovered the drugs. The most popular example of this is planted evidence. However, it can take other forms, too. It may mean the police performed an illegal search or surveillance methods that were not legal were used. In some cases, this can be difficult to prove; however, it is a defense that is used often for drug charges.

The Law Offices of Tim Hartley offer additional information about drug charges and why a lawyer should be charged. They understand the different defenses that are commonly used for these charges and can ensure the person being charged has a quality defense for the issue. Failure to hire legal representation may result in serious consequences, even if the person is really innocent of having the drugs.

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