Understanding the Services Offered by a Bondsman Oklahoma City

by | Jul 2, 2014 | Lawyers

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For people who have never dealt with an arrest in the past, the process can seem extremely intimidating. It helps to know that there is a way to get out of jail and be free while the court date is pending. A Bondsman in Oklahoma City can make it possible to get out as soon as the judge sets bail, and provide the opportunity for the accused party to plan a defense and also take care of day to day tasks. Here is how the process works. Posting the BailOnce alerted to the fact that client has been placed under arrest, the Bondsman Oklahoma City will arrange to be present at the time the judge sets the bail amount. At that time, the bondsman will pledge that amount to the court and the client is released. In return for pledging the bond, the bondsman will receive a certain percentage of that pledge as payment for services rendered.

Depending on the amount of the bond, the bonding company may also require additional security that is sufficient to cover the total amount set by the court. When the bail is posted, the bondsman is effectively entering into a covenant with the court that the defendant will show up on his or her appointed court date. In this sense, the bondsman is responsible for the defendant keeping that promise. Once the court date arrives and the client does appear before the judge, the responsibility of the bondsman is fulfilled, and the professional is released from any further responsibility for the client. The Benefits of Working with a Bondsman like many professionals, bondsmen consider the personal details related to a client to be of a confidential nature. Clients can rest assured that the details surrounding the arrest will not be shared with anyone else.

This can be especially important if the circumstances happen to be somewhat embarrassing for the client. In addition, many bondsmen work swiftly to obtain freedom for their clients. This means that clients will spend no more than a few hours in jail after the judge sets the bail amount. Once free, the client can seek legal representation in preparation for the court date, and also make whatever arrangements are necessary to take care of other important matters between the date he or she is released on bond and the date and time appointed for the case to be heard.

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