Top Reasons Its Crucial to Have a Lawyer for Your SSDI Case in Rome, NY

by | Sep 29, 2023 | Lawyers

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If you feel that you would qualify for an SSDI claim and think that you can save money by simply handling everything on your own, you definitely want to think again. In fact, there are many technicalities that must be maneuvered during the process. This is why it is a smart idea to hire a Social Security Disability lawyer in Rome, New York. There are many reasons why this is true.

Legal Terminology

For the average layperson, simply trying to decipher the forms can be confusing. There is so much legalese that it is definitely a chore to understand what you are filing and signing. To make sure that you actually know what you are attesting to, it is far better to hire an experienced attorney to explain everything to you.

Follow Through

There are so many strict timelines when you are submitting paperwork that it can definitely become disheartening. In fact, many people give up on their claims because they feel overwhelmed. To make sure this does not happen to you, an attorney will work to get all of the paperwork filed on time and make sure that all evidence is appropriately presented.


It is not uncommon for a claim to be denied the first time around. To properly help appeal your claim and get the best chance to get it accepted the second time, a Social Security disability lawyer in Rome, New York can file all appeals for you and argue on your behalf.

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