Three Advantages of Using a Social Security Attorney In Missouri

In an ideal world, everybody works until retirement age and gets their fair share of Social Security income when they retire. Unfortunately, you can become ill or hurt before your retirement years and require disability insurance. That’s when it’s best to contact an experienced Social Security law firm in Missouri. Here are some key reasons why.

Familiar With Process

An experienced Social Security attorney in Missouri knows the law and the various ailments and injuries that can qualify you for disability insurance. He or she is also familiar with all of the factors judges consider before making their final decisions on disability cases.

Assists With Paperwork

Your Social Security attorney Missouri residents trust, will help you fill out all paperwork, including the initial application and any forms related to subsequent appeals. In most cases, the attorney or a paralegal will fill out the form as he or she asks you questions about your condition, work history and living arrangement. Your attorney will then ensure your forms get sent to the appropriate person at the Social Security Administration.

Helps You Get Backpay

When you hire a Social Security attorney in Missouri, he or she will not only help you get monthly disability payments but backpay as well. This is money you would’ve received had the disability payments started approximately five months after you filed for disability insurance.

In most cases, you won’t pay a disability lawyer upfront for his or her services. The firm will receive a percentage of your backpay when you win your case.

Grundy Disability Group has helped many clients win disability benefits over the years, and you reach the firm at 855-233-9922.

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