The Plaintfiff’s Role and a Personal Injury Attorney in Wichita

by | Jun 24, 2014 | Lawyers

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Legal disputes occur every day and if you are the victim of personal injury, you may need to file a lawsuit. Serious injuries can cost the victim a great deal of money and lost time from work. By retaining the services of a personal injury in Wichita attorney, you may be capable of recovering these losses.

Consulting with an Attorney

The first thing the injured party should do is to consult with an attorney regarding the accident that caused the injury. Be sure to record the details of the accident and if the defending party was the cause of the incident. Include any data you have that identifies the defendant as being the cause of the accident, such as police reports.

The more details you can provide your attorney, the better advice you will receive regarding if you have a strong enough case to file legal action. The lawyer will listen to the details of the case and decide if filing a lawsuit as the plaintiff will benefit you.


Filing the Lawsuit

If the attorney agrees you have a strong case, you should file a lawsuit and work to recover your losses. As the injured party, you will be referred to as the plaintiff and the one initiating the legal action.

The plaintiff is required to provide the burden of proof. This means you should be prepared with medical receipts of your losses and time that you may have lost from work. The more evidence you have to assist in proving your case, the greater the chance of winning the lawsuit.

Meet with your attorney and list the allegations and charges against the other party in the lawsuit. The legal documents will then be served to the defending party in an attempt to recover the losses you suffered during the accident.

The defendant is required by law to provide a response to the lawsuit within thirty days and your personal injury Wichita attorney will get a copy.

Finally, by knowing the details of civil litigation and what to expect, this will help you win your case against the defending party. By retaining the services of Prochaska Giroux and Howell LLC you will be able to obtain legal advice.


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