Talk to a Domestic Violence Lawyer about Spousal Abuse

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Whenever you are involved in a domestic violence situation, you are involved in a serious circumstance. Typically, the law in California is stricter against people who commit spousal abuse than those who commit other kinds of abusive behavior. This type of abuse, however, is not restricted to the abuse committed by a spouse.

It can also indicate any abuse committed by someone who resides or resided with the victim or can refer to the unwanted behavior of a fiancé or former fiancé. In addition, the abuse can extend to the parent of the victim’s child, or to an individual that the victim is dating or dated at one time.

What Type of Abuse Did You Experience?

You need to speak to a domestic violence lawyer about any type of abuse situation in the home. That is because spousal abuse covers more than physical abuse alone. Usually, physical abuse includes such behaviors as the destruction of property, stalking or harassment. Other forms of spousal abuse involve verbal, psychological, or emotional aggressiveness.

Two Types of Abuse Charges

Normally, when you speak to a domestic violence lawyer, he or she will clarify the types of charges that are usually made for the abusive behavior of a spouse or partner. Either the charge is defined by corporal injury to a spouse or spousal battery.

The Differences between Corporal Injury and Spousal Battery

In the case of corporal injury, a prosecutor must show that the defendant in the case intended to cause physical harm by the injury but the act led to a traumatic condition in the form of bodily injury. On the other hand, a domestic violence lawyer does not need to show physical injury when a charge of spousal battery is made. In this case, he or she merely needs to prove that some type of physical contact took place – contact that was either unwanted or forceful.

As a result, if a charge for corporal injury is made, a lawyer must show that the victim actually sustained some type of tangible injury. Needless to say, you cannot try to clear up any domestic violence situation without the help of an attorney that specializes in family law. In this case, talk to a well-recognized professional in the field. Call Company Name at Phone today. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information!

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