Stop Foreclosure With An Attorney’s Help

by | Sep 9, 2014 | Lawyers

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Even people who know that they are behind in the payments on their house will usually still feel like they’ve had the wind knocked out of them when they get a foreclosure notice. It’s a mixture of horror and panic, realizing that you truly are facing the possibility of losing the place that you call home. Whatever has led to you getting behind on your bills, there may still be options that can help you to bring everything back under control. The first thing that you need to do is to get in contact with an attorney who can help you to Stop Foreclosure proceedings.

It‘s critical that you take action to Stop Foreclosure quickly. If you wait so long that the bank has time to legally take possession of the home, you’ll be far worse off than you are now. There’s a very natural tendency to freeze up and want to hide from the situation, or even to just wait and absorb it for a while before talking to someone about it, but this is not an occasion when that is a good move. You can set things in motion with a lawyer, and then take whatever time you need to properly think about your next move.

If an attorney concludes that you are likely to be eligible for Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings, filing the paperwork will immediately Stop Foreclosure proceedings against you. Filing for bankruptcy essentially hands over the final control of the situation to the courts and gives them an opportunity to intervene on behalf of families that need help arranging a payment plan that will allow them to get current on the money that they owe. Often, people who file are able to keep up with the payment plan and have their financial lives back on track within five years.

You should contact Laura Margulies & Associates LLC for a consultation if you have received a foreclosure notice, and make it clear that you are specifically asking for help due to a notice of foreclosure. You may have only 10 to 30 days to take action before the process proceeds, and it’s critical that you get an appointment quickly.

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