How to Respond to Motorcycle Accidents in Bethlehem, PA

by | Feb 12, 2018 | Accident Lawyers

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Motorcycles account for about two percent of all vehicles on streets in the United States. However, they account for as much as ten percent of all vehicular accidents. The statistics vary depending on how you categorize motorcycles, which is one of the things that makes motorcycle accidents so difficult to litigate. It is much easier to be involved in a one-vehicle accident on a motorcycle. It’s also easier to be in a one-vehicle accident that is not your fault. If you drop a motorcycle, you will damage some part of the motorcycle and possibly injure yourself. Due to common oversight from drivers, car drivers often put motorcyclists into danger that results in a one-vehicle crash.

Single-Vehicle Crashes

If someone pulls out in front of you while you’re riding your motorcycle, you might swerve or slam the brakes to avoid getting hit, which could result in you dropping your motorcycle. Usually that results in some kind of damage to the bike and some kind of injury to yourself. You must then call an attorney who specializes in motorcycle accidents in Bethlehem, PA.

You should visit the law office of Pfeiffer Bruno to determine what can be done about the accident. Accidents such as this are often categorized as involving only one motorist, but that’s not entirely true. You have to be able to prove that someone else’s actions caused your accident even if they were not hit. That’s difficult, but a good lawyer can help you.

Personal Injuries

Motorcycle accidents often result in some kind of injury as well. Injury in these cases is more common than in automobile accidents. That makes the cases different because they are often insurance and vehicular claims as well as injury claims. To argue both of them, you need a great attorney who has experience working with motorcyclists who have been through what you’re going through. Click her for more info.

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