A Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney in Tucson, AZ Represents Clients After Collisions Caused by Rubbernecking

by | Apr 24, 2018 | Accident Lawyers

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A motor vehicle accident attorney in Tucson, AZ is familiar with collisions caused by distracted driving, which can result from any number of activities. One is known as rubbernecking, in which the driver cranes their neck to see something beyond the traffic directly ahead or off to the side. Research has found this to be the most frequent type of distracted driving that results in collisions. It causes more accidents than texting, eating or looking at a map while behind the wheel.

Trying to See an Accident Scene

A common problem occurs when drivers try to get a better look at an accident scene on the other side of the highway or ahead on an overpass. This type of behavior increases the risk of an accident unless traffic is at a standstill. No matter how curious they are, drivers should not be taking their eyes off traffic as they are moving along the road. Someone who has been injured by a driver not paying attention to the road can contact a law firm like Price & Price Law for help. Visit us website for more information.

Emergency responders are increasingly setting up screens to block views of the accident, even if it is not particularly severe. They have learned how many additional collisions can occur when drivers aren’t paying attention to the road ahead.

Serious Collisions

A motor vehicle accident attorney in Tucson, AZ represents clients who have been injured when other drivers have continued speeding along the highway while looking at something else they find interesting. This driving behavior can cause serious rear-end collisions along with traffic pile-ups on congested highways. Drivers might swerve out of their own lane and hit a vehicle traveling alongside. In the typical worst-case scenario, a head-on collision may occur on a two-lane road.

Financial Devastation

Vehicle accidents can be devastating, causing serious property damage, physical injuries and emotional trauma. It can be a long time before the appropriate settlement amount can be determined, which typically happens when doctors decide the patient has reached maximum medical improvement. No-risk legal funding loans can be an option if the person is facing financial ruin. The lawyer may have more information on reputable companies providing this service.

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