Long-Term Exposure To Diesel Exhaust Can Be Harmful

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Diesel engines power the majority of vehicles used by the transportation industry, including long-haul trucks, locomotives, and ocean-going ships. For a long time, it has been feared that exposure to diesel exhaust and the particulates that it contains is harmful to the health of those that have been exposed long term. To receive compensation for poor health caused by fumes and particulates it is advisable to seek the assistance of a knowledgeable diesel injury lawyer.

Exposure to diesel fumes has been linked to poor health:

Breathing fumes of any sort are not healthy; diesel fumes, in particular, contain many different chemical compounds that have been found to be hazardous to health. Diesel fumes contain substances such as lead, cyanide, arsenic, etc. Not only does diesel contain harmful chemicals, the fumes contain minute airborne particles that are inhaled, damaging lungs after long exposure.

The harmful chemicals found in diesel fumes can be linked to health conditions such as emphysema, asthma. COPD and more.

Early in this century, the EPA published the findings of a long-term study they conducted, it showed that people exposed to diesel fumes and exhaust were at risk of developing cancer. Sectors of the industry that relied on diesel-powered equipment refuted the findings, saying that the study focused on old engines and that new engines were greatly improved. The EPA was quick to come out and state that new diesel engines also posed risks.

Diesel powered equipment:

People whose job entails working in close proximity to diesel engines are at risk to serious health issues due to exposure to fumes and exhaust. People working in the construction sector, transportation industries, farmers, etc could develop lung cancer or other serious illnesses. Those diagnosed with an injury directly related to diesel exhaust exposure should speak to a diesel injury lawyer as they have the right to legal recourse.

If you have worked around diesel engines for a long time and suffer from an illness that is directly related to exposure to diesel exhaust and fumes, you have several legal recourses available to you. To discuss compensation you are invited to speak to a diesel injury lawyer at Hughes Law Offices or visit www.dieselinjurylaw.com for more information.

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