The Lemon Law In Utah

by | Nov 20, 2017 | Lawyers

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A car rarely leaves the manufacturer with a defect that cannot be fixed. If you bought a seriously flawed vehicle, the Utah Lemon Law is in place to provide recourse.

The Lemon Law in Utah gives the manufacturer of the vehicle a fixed number of chances to repair the fault, if they cannot they will have to replace the vehicle or refund the purchase price.

Consumer protection under the Utah Lemon Law:

The law does not protect the buyers of used cars; the Utah Lemon Law applies only to new cars and motorhomes that are under warranty. If the vehicle meets all of the criteria, the consumer is given a choice of a replacement vehicle or a refund.

  • Only vehicles bought in Utah are eligible
  • The vehicle must be new and under warranty and weigh less than 12,000 lbs.
  • The defect must be such that it impairs the safety, use or value of the vehicle
  • The manufacturer must have tried four times to fix the fault, or the vehicle must have been in for repair 30 days or more
  • during the first year of warranty.
  • The defect cannot be traced to owner neglect or abuse, and
  • The owner must agree to the manufacturer’s dispute process or arbitration if one is in effect

Filing a complaint:

Although it is rare to get a lemon vehicle, there is no way to tell in advance whether it has a serious defect or not. It is a good idea to maintain a log as well as keep copies of all service requests and reports. Copies of these documents are to be sent when the complaint is first made.

If the complaint results in a refund or replacement, you may be charged 23 cents a mile for the use of the vehicle, this amount is prescribed by the Utah Lemon Law.

The Utah Lemon Law protects those who have purchased a car or motorhome that has a serious defect that cannot be repaired. For more information, please visit Lemon Law America.

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