Learn More about Your Rights by Speaking to a Workers Compensation Attorney in Bridgeton, NJ

If you have been injured on the job, you need to know your rights and how to file for equitable and fair compensation. However, you do not want to go it alone when filing a claim. That is why you need the support of a legal professional.

You Cannot Get Fired for Filing a Claim

A workers compensation attorney in Bridgeton, NJ can explain your rights and help you in filing a claim. You need to file a formal claim in order to collect the costs for your medical treatments. Some claimants worry that they can get fired if they take this action. However, this type of response from an employer is against the law. If you are fired after filing a claim, you need to address the matter with a legal representative.

Notifying an Employer about an On-the-Job Injury

If you discuss your case with a workers compensation attorney, he or she will ask you if you notified your employer after you were injured. This is important. While a notification does not have to be written, it can help your case if you spell out your injury for your employer. If you wish to obtain medical treatment for your injuries, you need to request the care through your company.

Reviewing Your Eligibility

When you speak with a workers compensation attorney, he or she will further elaborate on your entitlements. For instance, the insurance company normally decides what entitlements the claimant can receive. If an employer is self-insured, he or she will decide on your eligibility after reviewing the claim. In either situation, you need to speak with an attorney if you believe the benefits for compensation are inequitable.

Who to Contact

There is a lot to learn about filing for benefits and the entitlements that are attached to them. To learn more about your rights in this respect, contact a legal firm, such as Kavanagh & Kavanagh Law. Make sure you are well-represented legally if you plan to file a claim.

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