Improve the Chances of Success by Hiring a Disability Attorney in Kent County

Millions of Americans apply for disability benefits every year. Out of the millions of applications the Social Security Administration receives, approximately 30% are initially approved. Why are claims denied so often? The reasons vary, and here, clients will learn why their claim may be denied.

A Lack of Medical Proof

Many disability claims are at first denied because of insufficient evidence. If a worker wants to qualify for benefits, they must prove that the condition renders them unable to hold a job. For instance, a client may see a doctor once per month for back pain, but if the doctor doesn’t document how the pain interferes with the person’s work life, the claim will likely be denied.

Past Denials

Many people believe that it’s better to file a new claim than to appeal one that’s been denied. This isn’t the case because the person doing the review will see the prior denial. Therefore, it’s important to work through the claim appeals process rather than starting from scratch.


This applies only to those seeking SSI benefits, as income is irrelevant when requesting SSDI. Some who apply for SSI can hold a part-time job, but if they earn more than $880 per month when applying for disability, the claim may be denied.

Not Following Treatment

If a person fails to follow the doctor’s prescribed treatment plan, the SSA will deny their claim. The examiner won’t be able to determine if the claimant’s condition prevents them from working if they refuse to cooperate. If there’s a legitimate reason not to follow a treatment plan, be sure to mention it during the appeals phase. Here, it’s important to have representation from a Disability Attorney in Kent County.

Not Working Well With Others

Regardless of how a claimant feels about those handling their claim, it’s best to work with them when applying for benefits. If a claimant fails to provide the SSA with the information they request, or if they don’t show up for medical appointments, the claim will probably be denied.

Improving the Chances of Success

While only about 30% of claims are approved at first, understanding the reasons for denial may help a person improve their chances of success. Keep these tips in mind when applying and be sure to work with a Disability Attorney in Kent County. Visit the Bleakley Law Offices P C on Facebook or call to request a consultation.

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