How to Handle Arrest Warrants in Hays County, Texas

by | May 20, 2019 | Lawyers

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It can be frightening to discover an arrest warrant, and in many cases, it happens to a person when they are pulled over for a minor traffic violation. When this occurs, it’s likely that the driver will be arrested immediately, but if the warrant is out-of-state and for something minor, extradition may not occur. When a person finds out there’s a warrant for their arrest, there are several ways to handle the situation.

Hire an Attorney As Soon As Possible

While some may want to face the consequences on their own, they risk being arrested immediately on a warrant. For instance, if a judge issues a bench warrant because a person fails to appear in court, an attorney may be able to get the warrant canceled, particularly if the violation is minor. However, in cases of more serious arrest warrants assistance in Hays County, Texas, an attorney may be able to schedule the client’s surrender to allow them to get their affairs in order.

Don’t Make Written or Verbal Statements

Regardless of whether a person is held or released immediately, they should not make any disclosures during the process. Anything disclosed to an officer or fellow inmate can be used against a person in court, and clients should not talk about their cases over jail phones as calls are recorded and reviewed by law enforcement personnel.

Set Up Bail

If a person has been warned of an outstanding warrant, it may be to their benefit to arrange bail. If possible, the client should contact a bail bondsman to post bail as quickly as possible after an arrest. Alternatively, a client can turn to relatives and friends to help with bail.

Get Ready for Arrest

If a person knows they’re going to be arrested, providing notice to an employer can often prevent them from losing their job for failing to show up for work. Along a similar line, ensuring that bills such as rent, utilities and car payments are handled ahead of time is important.

Having a warrant out for one’s arrest can be frightening, especially if the person has never been arrested before. However, the tips above can help, as can hiring an attorney with San Marcos Bail Bonds. With an attorney’s help, warrants in Hays County, Texas don’t have to be so overwhelming.

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