Hiring Sexual Harassment Attorneys IN Worcester, MA To Fight Against An Unethical Employer

by | Jul 8, 2014 | Lawyers

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Massachusetts laws protect employees from succumbing to threats connected to sexual harassment. These laws outline the two different forms of sexual harassment and the actions that constitutes the infraction. If you are the victim of this unethical and illegal behavior, you should contact Sexual Harassment Attorneys in Worcester MA today and file a claim.

The Two Forms of Sexual Harassment

With sexual harassment, there are two forms, which are quid pro quo and hostile work environment. Quid pro quo implies that an employer or other worker with authority over the victim demands or requests sexual favors in order for the victim to remain in their job position or acquire a promotion. The results of a denial of these requests, typically, are denial of promotion, termination, a reduction of hours or pay, or transfer.


A hostile work environment is created by inappropriate conduct by employers or co-workers. This includes sexual gestures, gossip, sexual epithets, and displaying overly suggestive photographs of a sexual nature. The behaviors are not required to give the impression that the aggressor is attempting to acquire sexual relations. They should create an unwelcome environment that results in humiliation, are offensive, or intimidating. Sexual harassment causes an inability for the victim to complete their job duties. It causes an unhealthy environment for everyone.

Sexual harassment that occurs at events that are linked to the workplace is covered in the scope of violations of the defined policies. Factors that should be present in these cases are when the conduct occurred, the severity of the conduct, the working relationship between the victim and the aggressor, and how the conduct has affected the victim’s work environment.

Employers who are sexually harassing their employees are liable and could face criminal charges and civil litigation. If the employer terminates the employee or discriminates against them due to a refusal to participate in the requested sexual action, he or she is liable of wrongful termination and discrimination. If you are the victim of sexual harassment, you should contact The Michael O. Shea Law Office to consult Sexual Harassment Attorneys in Worcester MA about your case today.


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