Hire a Social Security Disability Lawyer in Tulsa, OK if a Claim Has Been Denied

Social Security allows some Americans with disabilities to get financial help separate from any that may come from an employer. Such government-sanctioned payments are typically called Social Security Disability Insurance. Only certain people can receive assistance, and eligibility is contingent upon the nature of the disability and its impact on the person’s ability to hold a job. An eligible worker can start collecting disability payments even before they reach retirement age. Please click here to find more about the definition of disability and about how a Social Security Disability Lawyer in Tulsa OK, can help their clients get the economic they deserve.

How the Social Security Administration Defines Disability

The SSA or Social Security Administration has a strict and complex set of rules that define disability and its requirements. If a person’s disability or illness keeps them from getting and keeping a job for a certain amount of time, they are likely to be considered disabled in the eyes of the SSA. The process has three steps that are shown below.

1. Very severe ailments and disabilities automatically qualify a person for SSDI or Social Security disability insurance. The SSA’s list of conditions for automatic coverage includes severe arthritis, kidney failure, heart disease, mental illness, and brain damage.
2. For less severe disabilities, the Social Security Administration will determine whether the condition prevents a person from getting and keeping a job for a certain time.
3. For more obscure disabilities, the SSA must determine whether the illness prevents a person from finding another job under current economic conditions.

If a person isn’t familiar with the SSA’s requirements, they should consider consulting a social security disability lawyer.

Does an Injured or Sick Worker Need a Lawyer for Disability Help?

The Social Security system is complex, and most Americans will find themselves needing the help of a Social Security disability attorney. For example, a client may need legal help if a previous claim has been denied or if disability payments suddenly stop. By contacting a Social Security Disability Lawyer in Tulsa OK, as soon as possible, clients can get the advice and legal representation they need.

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