Get Help From A Motorcyle Accident Law Attorney In Spokane, WA

Liability is usually determined by negligence in a motorcycle accident. In many motorcycle accidents, drivers of cars and trucks are negligent. Drivers are often negligent by failing to check their mirrors before making a turn or going too fast through a red light. Further, cyclists are often victims when drivers whip out of parallel parking spaces without looking. Another scenario that is dangerous for cyclists is toll booths. Drivers may not see cyclists stopped to pay a toll and they hit them from behind.

Riding a motorcycle is dangerous and there are many risks. The driver’s body is not enclosed in anything and one is more likely to be seriously injured or killed in a cycle accident. That is why victims need to call a Motorcycle Accident Law Attorney in Spokane WA. Visit the website for the Deissner Law Office and Click here to learn more about protecting your rights. There are three requirements in order to have a negligence claim against someone:

      *      the attorney must prove the defendant was not careful

      *      the attorney must show the defendant’s actions caused the plaintiff’s injury

      *      the attorney must show the plaintiff was injured

The Motorcycle Accident Law Attorney in Spokane WA helps victims put a value on their claim. There are usually special damages including lost earning capacity. The attorney may have to hire an expert to determine the value of lost earnings for the future. In addition, victims should be compensated for pain and suffering, medical expenses and actual lost wages. Being partially liable lowers the damages cyclists receive. It is harder to drive a motorcycle than a car. Indeed, a fourth of the people killed in cycle crashes do not have the proper license. Further, it is tempting to drive too fast on lighter, more powerful machines. In fact, high performance motorcycles account for a disproportionate share of cycle accidents. There is also a high rate of alcohol involvement in motorcycle accidents. Driver safety is important whether one is in a car or on a motorcycle. However, cyclists should slow down because accidents are more likely to occur when they are driving fast.



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