Filing a Social Security Disability Claim in Tulsa for Mental Health Problems

by | Jun 28, 2018 | Social Security

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People who suffer from debilitating depression or anxiety may wonder if they could make a Social Security Disability Claim in Tulsa. This is not unheard of, but there must be proof in the form of documentation by a mental health professional. Getting disability claims approved is generally difficult no matter what the situation, so the person must be vigilant about filling out the paperwork thoroughly and properly.

Prescription Medication

The Administration may expect the person to be taking prescription medication for the condition. Many mental health patients take prescription medicine to treat conditions like panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and chronic mild depression. If the person is making a Social Security Disability Claim in Tulsa for more serious problems like bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, or schizophrenia, the Administration will be skeptical if medication is not being used.

Combined Mental Health Issues

Often, a person suffering from one mental health problem has an additional mental health issue, making it even more difficult to hold down a full-time job. For example, anxiety and depression often are co-occurring disorders. A person with panic disorder may become depressed because the panic episodes are so unpredictable, scary, and embarrassing.


The representatives will want verification that the mental health condition is not fully treatable with drugs, counseling, or other strategies. Since this can be subjective and difficult to prove, getting assistance from an organization such as the Social Security Law Center can help increase the chances that the claim will be approved. The majority of disability claims are often initially denied because of problems with the application paperwork or a lack of documentation from medical professionals.

Attorney Fees

Lawyers who handle disability claim applications and appeals generally do not charge any fees until the claim is approved and back payments have been received. The amount the law firm accepts is a certain percentage of those past-due payments that the client has agreed on beforehand. These attorneys understand that people filing for disability may not have been working for a while and can be struggling financially. Visit the website to learn more about one particular organization providing legal representation for disability claimants.

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