Fight Drug Charges With Help From a Drug Defense Attorney in Gonzales LA

Drug crimes can vary in severity, from a misdemeanor charge that results in little jail time or a fine to a felony that can result in years of jail time. Anyone arrested for a drug crime will want to speak with a drug defense attorney in Gonzales LA quickly to start working on their case. The attorney may be able to have the charges reduced or dismissed altogether, depending on the circumstances.

Reduce the Charges

Drug charges can vary between misdemeanors and felonies, depending on the type of drug, the quantity, and other extenuating circumstances. If someone is charged with a felony, though, it doesn’t mean they’ll be convicted of a felony. An attorney may be able to get a plea bargain for them that will reduce the charges to a misdemeanor. While they’ll still have a conviction on their record, this results in a reduced sentence. It also means they won’t lose some of their rights like they would if they had a felony conviction.

Reduce Potential Penalties

Whether or not the charges can be reduced, it may be possible to reduce the penalties. The attorney will work to convince the judge that the maximum penalties are not needed and that minimal penalties will have the same impact on their client. This can be the difference between a few days or a few years in jail, depending on the minimum and maximum penalties for the charge.

Dismiss the Charges

Depending on the circumstances, it might be possible for the charges to be dismissed altogether. This could happen because there isn’t sufficient evidence for a conviction or because the evidence collected cannot be used in court. An attorney is needed to determine whether it’s possible to have the charges dismissed and, if so, to take the necessary steps to attempt to have the charges dismissed. When this isn’t possible, they can change the defense strategy toward obtaining a not-guilty verdict or toward reducing the potential penalties.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with a drug crime, make sure you get help right away. It is possible a Drug Defense Attorney in Gonzales LA can help reduce the charges you’re facing, help minimize the penalties you’re facing, or even have the charges dismissed. Set up a consultation with an attorney today to get the help you need.

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