Don’t Accept a Conviction after Arrests in Ocean City, MD

Just because a person is arrested doesn’t mean they’re going to be convicted. In fact, there is a high chance they can have the charges dropped, lowered, or be found not guilty in court. The only way to do this, however, is to hire a lawyer who is familiar with the local courts and the type of crime the person is accused of. After any arrest in Ocean City, MD, the person has the option of working with a lawyer and it’s recommended they hire a lawyer as quickly as possible.

If a person doesn’t hire a lawyer, they may not be eligible for a public defender and may end up simply pleading guilty to avoid having to hire a lawyer or going to court. This means they have no chance to defend themselves and are at the mercy of the judge for a reduced sentence. Frequently, they’ll end up with the highest sentence allowed for the crime they’re convicted of and may need to spend time in jail or pay large fines.

Waiting to hire a lawyer could mean that certain evidence can no longer be disputed. For instance, in a DUI case the lawyer may be able to claim the blood alcohol content (BAC) test was incorrect. The only way to do this is by showing that the person did not have a high BAC level just a few hours after the test is administered. If they wait until the next day to retest, the test results won’t mean anything at all since their body has had enough time to recover from any alcohol they had consumed. If the test is administered quickly, the lawyer can prove the original results are incorrect.

After an arrest in Ocean City, MD, a person has the option of obtaining a lawyer. The faster they do so, the more helpful the lawyer will be. They don’t have to simply plead guilty and hope they receive a light sentence. They can fight to avoid a conviction, as long as they have the help they need. An experienced lawyer will be able to do everything possible to help them avoid a conviction. For more information, contact

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