Contact a Family Lawyer in Bel Air, MD for a Separation with Children Involved

A person does not need to be facing a divorce and be worried about family law issues. In cases where a couple had a child together without being married first, one parent may choose to have child custody, support and visitation determined by the courts in case they decide to separate. This can be done with the help of a family lawyer in Bel Air, MD and is a good idea in many instances because the court order is going to be easier to uphold if anything changes.

Although many couples will attempt to co-parent if they do separate, circumstances can change, and if they do not have a court order detailing custody, support and visitation, it could all change without one person agreeing to it. For example, one parent may refuse to let the other parent visit for whatever reason they have, consequently, the other parent will not have any recourse if there is no court order stating when they are supposed to have visitation. They may even have to wait until they go to court to have the visitation arranged in order to see their child.

Many couples fail to speak with a family lawyer in Bel Air, MD because they don’t think this kind of issues could happen, until they happen. It’s generally far easier to discuss everything and create a legal document while both parents are on the same page, and if anything does change in the future, the parents or a judge will need to agree to the changes before they can take effect. This protects them both and ensures they do not automatically lose visitation or child support simply because the other parent changes their mind. When both parents agree on the custody, visitation and child support, it’s generally very easy to come up with a plan so they can avoid a lengthy and expensive court battle.

If a couple separates or is separating, it’s a good idea to speak with a lawyer even though there is no divorce. Each person will want representation to ensure they get a chance to negotiate for what they would like and ensure an agreement is reached. For more help with family law matters or to speak with a lawyer today, visit website now.

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