How a construction accident lawyer can help

by | Dec 14, 2016 | Accident Lawyers

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As someone who works in the construction industry you are well aware of the dangers associated with many work sites. Even though you take all necessary precautions; wear the best safety gear, never violate work site safety protocols and never take unnecessary chances, you can still get injured on the job. In many cases it may be prudent to hire a construction accident lawyer in NYC to help you deal with the complexities of the New York state workers compensation system and to pursue a legal claim when warranted.

Construction site accidents happen frequently:
Despite the best efforts of you and the contractor to ensure a safe working environment, accidents do, and no doubt will continue, to happen. It is not just the nature of the work that is undertaken on a construction site, it is other hazards such as:

*Falls from scaffolding
*Struck by equipment moving around the site
*Exposure to toxic chemicals
*Defective or unsafe equipment, and more

The legal complexities of construction related injuries:
The causes of injuries that occur around job sites are often unlike any other causes and as such it is always a wise move to discuss the situation with a seasoned construction accident lawyer in NYC. There are many issues that must be considered; these include compliance with OSHA standards, engineering related issues and the determination of liability.

There can be many people on a typical construction site, every one of them have legal duties and responsibilities.

Contractors are required to ensure that the site is safe; they have a legal duty to advise personnel about any unique hazards that may be found on site. The contractors must ensure that the work being done in that area they control is being done safely, they must hire competent individuals and they are responsible for ensuring safety regulations are complied with.

It is not just the general and sub contractors that are responsible; the prime contractor, engineers, suppliers of machinery and equipment used on site all have responsibilities that must be met.

With all these variables in play, it is extremely important to hire a construction accident lawyer in NYC that can evaluate your claim and recommend a course of action that will compensate you for your injuries and the costs associated with them. Visit Frekhtman & Associates.

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