Common Misconceptions About a Personal Injury Attorney in Olympia, WA

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Although personal injury attorneys are very visible, some people do not understand what they do every day. There are many misunderstandings of what these lawyers do and how they do it. In this article, readers will Get more information behind several common misconceptions about personal injury attorneys.

Personal Injury Lawyers Chase Ambulances

Lawyers are the butt of countless jokes, and they’ve heard them all. Thanks to a nearly endless stream of television and radio ads, personal injury lawyers have been given a reputation as those who will do anything to gain clients. Attorney ads are governed by bar association rules, and attorneys must adhere to a strict ethical code. Potential clients can find out the truth about lawyers by going online and doing some real research.

Attorneys are Expensive Because They Spend on Ads

Many personal injury attorneys get most of their work from personal referrals. Relatives and friends of previous clients refer people, and lawyers are thankful for those recommendations. While attorneys do advertise, most do so in a low-key way. Moreover, when a person hires an injury lawyer, they do not pay unless the Personal Injury Attorney in Olympia WA is successful. Lawyers are typically paid a portion of the settlement amount, and settlements are gained through trial or negotiation.

Lawyers are Only In the Business for the Money

Being in an auto accident and getting back to normal can be a trying experience for anyone. However, when a client hires an injury attorney, their problems instantly become those of the lawyer. Local attorneys know how to work with insurers, and they have the resources to handle clients’ medical bills before obtaining a settlement. A reliable lawyer, while in the business to make a living, is also there to help clients get fair compensation for their injuries.

Most Cases Don’t Make it to Trial

Trials can be expensive and lengthy, and insurance adjusters are aware of this. A personal injury attorney will negotiate with the insurer, but they are willing to take cases to trial if necessary. Therefore, many cases are settled before trial. Those who are hurt because of someone else’s negligence deserve a chance to fight for recovery, and doing it alone is not a viable option. By hiring a Personal Injury Attorney in Olympia WA, a victim can protect his or her rights and preserve their legal remedies.

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