If You Have a Case Involving Family Law in Carrollton, Contact an Experienced Attorney

by | Feb 9, 2017 | Law

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Most family law cases involve high emotions and sensitive issues. Adoptions are usually the family cases that involve happy emotions instead of arguments and tension. Family law encompasses adoptions, prenuptial agreements, juvenile issues, child custody, divorce, and paternity or legitimation. Although divorce can make individuals happy once it’s completed, from the first filing to the final decree, tensions will be high as a couple has to decide where the children will live, how the assets will be divided, and how much child or spousal support needs to be paid. These difficult decisions often lead to a contested divorce and a lot of court hearings, which is why it’s so important to hire an attorney who’s experienced in family law in Carrollton.

A prenuptial agreement can cause controversy for a couple even before they get married, but this type of agreement can protect assets in the event of a divorce. They can be very detailed and include spousal support amounts, guardianship of minors, and forfeiture of assets if a divorce is due to adultery. Child support is usually paid by the parent with the higher income. When each parent makes almost the same amount, an attorney experienced in family law in Carrollton can make sure a parent doesn’t pay too much or the other isn’t paying too little. Failure to pay court-ordered child support could result in contempt of court proceedings being filed and further penalties being applied.

Parents believe they only need to sign a birth certification to legitimize a child. A child is considered illegitimate by the law when it’s born outside of marriage. The only way for a child to become legitimate is by the father petitioning the court. If a child is in a pending adoption, the father will have to file a petition in the court where the adoption is taking place. Paternity has to be determined by DNA testing. An unwed father can have child support assessed against them whether the child has been legitimized or not.

Getting through the family law system can become overwhelming if you’re not working with an experienced attorney. Protect your rights and your future with help from an attorney by visiting Website Domain.

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