A Bail Bonding Service in Pontiac Can Expedite a Defendant’s Release

by | Aug 3, 2018 | Bail Bond

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When a friend or family member ends up in jail, the first thing that everyone wants to know is how to get them out. Depending on the charges, the court may set a bail amount which will allow the person in custody to post bond in exchange for freedom until the case goes to trial. A Bail Bonding Service in Pontiac can assist with filing the required legal papers to have the defendant released from jail.

How Bail Works

When an individual is taken into custody, the family members may have no idea of how to get them out. A bail bond company, such as EZ1 Bail Bonds, can help make the transition go smoother and faster than if the family members attempt to do it on their own. Bail refers to the amount of money that is used as collateral to ensure that the defendant will appear in court on the day of the hearing. If the defendant does not show up, a failure to appear charge will be filed against them, and the court will issue an arrest warrant for the defendant.


When a person posts bond money for release from jail the full bail amount may be difficult for the family members to immediately secure. Collateral is a property that is given to a bail bonding company as a security pledge to guarantee that the defendant will show up to the specified court date. If the defendant fails to appear, the collateral property can be sold by the bonding agency to recover the amount that was paid to the court to post bail. When a defendant does not show up to a court date, the bail that was paid by the bail bonding company is no longer refundable.

Knowing who to call when a loved one is arrested and taken to jail can speed up the process of getting them released. A Bail Bonding Service in Pontiac understands the court procedures and can provide information about posting bail 24 hours a day. Since securing the release of a defendant often requires money that isn’t readily available, a bail bonding agency can help by accepting collateral as a means of payment. If all goes as planned, the collateral will be refunded to the person who put it up, less a small amount to cover the bail agent’s fee for services rendered. Like us on Facebook.

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