Advantages of Hiring a Bail Bondsman

by | Jul 3, 2014 | Legal

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Bail Enforcement Agents are agents who negotiate the terms of bail, putting up their own funds in order to secure the release of a person who has committed a crime. A Bail Bondsman in Clayton County is not allowed to work for surety companies -; rather they operate as individuals. They ensure the rights of a person are followed, but only after the justice system has had their say in the process. Usually the bail is set at a certain amount and the accused has to pay a certain percentage in order to make bail.


The criminal justice system is a collection of laws, and the constant routine of these laws can lead to backups in prisons where people are awaiting court dates. Bail bond agents help the government in accordance with this problem. They give the government and the accused individual the chance to work out a release date on terms that they will show back up to all following court dates. If both parties agree, as a result that person is no longer the concern of the government until the court date comes up on the calendar. No money is spent to house, feed and clothe the person, meaning the funds that keep the accused is usually spent on other things pending the court hearing.

Licensing ensures that a probation officer and a Bail Bondsman in Clayton County are well trained. These people know their work very well, which allows governments to monitor agents and operations. However, licensing requires the government to devote staff to procedures that oversee the licensing and monitoring of all necessary documentation. Of course, the licensing fees support these different functions of government.

Bail agents benefit people who are poor in the legal system. They charge a fee to the accused, which is often a small price compared to the original bond (15% or so) -; and, in exchange for the court releases the accused into the bail bondsman’s custody. When the person is presented to the court, the agent receives the bail they posted back and keeps what the customer paid them as a fee. This gives those who are being tried for a crime an option to get out of jail, and softens the legal process. For more information on this process, click here.

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