Accused of Driving Drunk? Hire a DUI Attorney in Hattiesburg MS As Soon As Possible

The penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs in Mississippi are severe. If you are convicted, you could lose your license, go to jail or face serious fines. To give yourself the best chance of avoiding a conviction and subsequent sentence, hire a DUI Attorney in Hattiesburg MS as soon as possible after you are pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving.


If you contact a lawyer before you talk to the police, your attorney can advise you how to answer questions or whether you should talk to police at all. In most cases, it is advisable to take the blood alcohol test because the consequences of not taking it are sometimes more serious. An experienced DUI Attorney in Hattiesburg MS may be able to successfully have the evidence from your blood alcohol test suppressed if the officers didn’t follow their own written procedures.

While your attorney will likely work hard to have your case dismissed before it goes to trial, you can expect a lawyer with a wealth of experience fighting for people like you who have been accused of DUI to fight hard for you if your case is heard by a judge. There are a number of defense strategies that your lawyer may use to win your case. For more information on defense strategies click here.

Your lawyer may challenge the blood alcohol test results or whether the police officer who pulled you over had probable cause. The strategy your lawyer uses depends on the unique circumstances surrounding your arrest. If there were witnesses that will testify that you were not intoxicated before you left in your vehicle, your DUI Attorney in Hattiesburg MS may ask them to testify at your trial.

If your drunk driving arrest resulted from an accident on the water, a boat accident lawyer may be able to assist you with your defense. It is important to choose an attorney who also has experience in DUI law to ensure that you receive a fair trial and that you get a good defense against the drunk driving charges. As with any other criminal trial, the state must prove that you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Your lawyer will work hard to show that there is doubt in your case and get you acquitted of the charges.

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