3 Tips to Consider When Hiring a Dog Bite Lawyer in Macomb County MI

Ever been in a situation where a dog out of nowhere just comes and bites you? That is a scary and painful experience that could lead to psychological trauma. After such an incident, getting to the nearest health facility is advised to prevent infections. According to the law in Michigan, the owner of a dog is liable for any dog bites and attacks on people. As the affected, get a dog bite lawyer in Macomb County MI so as to file a lawsuit against the dog owner who takes responsibility.

The question would be how do you identify an impeccable dog bite lawyer in Macomb County MI?

Area of Specialization

Is the lawyer well-versed with the area in question? Always ask to see if the lawyer has handled dog bite cases before. Ensure to get a lawyer who knows his/her way around the rules concerning dog bite. Sometimes, some lawyers claim to have the necessary experience but have never handled such a case. Always go for somebody who has handled such cases and has had success in representing their client.

Fees Charged

Nobody wants to go to a law firm that is quite costly while they can get a cheaper deal with better chances of winning the case. Before contracting a law firm, always ask how they charge, is it hourly, or they have a flat fee. Check the budget and ensure that the lawyer is within the projected plan.


Just how far is the law firm from the personal residence? A company that is closer is always convenient because costs are cut down. The closer the lawyer is the better the services. Proximity from the law firm to the house is an advantage because it is easier to discuss with the lawyer when there are developments in the case. It is simpler to figure the details of the case much faster.

People with dogs should ensure that they consider the rest and ensure the dog does not pose a risk to them. Once bitten by a dog with no provocation, always seek a lawyer who will represent you with a solid case for chances of compensation.

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