When is it Time to Hire Worker Compensation Lawyers in San Antonio?

Anyone who has suffered an injury in their workplace may be wondering if they should hire Worker Compensation Lawyers in San Antonio. The fact is, this answer is dependent on a number of factors including the severity of the injury and the complexity of the case. Some cases may be able to be self-represented, but others will require the assistance of an attorney.

When Self-Representation is a Good Idea

There are some situations when a case can be handled without the assistance of Worker Compensation Lawyers in San Antonio. These situations include:

1. If the person suffered from a minor injury in the workplace, such as a cut that only required a few stitches or a twisted ankle
2. If the person did not miss much work because of the injury
3. If the employer openly admits the accident occurred at the workplace
4. If the person does not suffer from any type of pre-existing condition

Even when the situation is not extremely complicated, it may still be a good idea to talk with a lawyer to ensure there is nothing more to pursue.

When Hiring a Lawyer is a Good Idea

When a case becomes at all complicated, then an attorney should be hired. Some of the situations where a person should not hesitate to hire an attorney can be found here:

1. The employer denies the claim, and the person is not able to receive benefits quickly.
2. If the settlement from the employer does not cover all of the lost wages or medical bills that occurred due to the accident.
3. If the medical issues suffered, keep the person from going back to work and performing any type of work at all.
4. If the person is receiving Social Security disability benefits.
5. If the owner or manager retaliates against the person because of the claim.
6. If there may be the possibility of a third-party claim.

When hiring an attorney for these situations, it may be a good idea to click for more information. Take some time to discuss the details of the case with a lawyer to ensure the proper compensation is achieved. This will provide the victim with peace of mind they are receiving ample compensation for the injuries they received.

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